Elizabeth & Pieter

Elizabeth & Pieter

I became a Christian in 2012 but at the same time I was busy getting divorced. My life was a mess. I got saved and soon spent the next few years exploring faith. God moved in and a lot of other things moved out. Chaos turned to order...slowly. I decided to join CC again. About a month later I met Elizabeth.

We emailed a lot... For about three weeks we didn’t stop emailing. It was one after the other. It was me and all my insecurities about my past and Elizabeth with all her grace and understanding coupled with some extraordinary romance we decided to go on a date. I was booked to go and see my family in South Africa for a week and Elizabeth wanted to meet me before that holiday. We met in this bowling alley in London. It was a Friday night there we were trying to have a very romantic first date with blaring music from the BeeGees and Pet Shop Boys!

It was soon very clear to me that I wasn’t interested in going on any dates with anyone else. I went on holiday and I decided not to talk to Elizabeth that week as I wanted to spend time with my family and trust God. But Elizabeth texted me on Valentines day. When I received her message I realised that I had missed her. Right there and then it was a drop in my spirit. I knew I was in love with her.

Fast forward and I mean...what a journey. I proposed just before the pandemic. We got engaged just before the pandemic roared in to full force, and we got married in August.

I trusted God. For that I am grateful.

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