H & S

January 2024

Hi, I am happy to share my story.

I was on the dating site for about 3 years on and off. I made a decision to have one more attempt. That's the day I met my now husband and share our blended whanau together. What attracted me was he put a photo of himself and his children on the site.

We started as friends, getting to know each other, exploring our faith with one another. I trusted in God all the way, I prayed into the person God had for me, I had people that I spoke to about him to hold me accountable so that we were not acting on the desires of the flesh but really being intentional about how we progressed forward each step of the way.

We are now 17 months married. God has grown us in our relationship and with the big man himself. I reflect back at the 3 years and it is clear to me now that I needed to do some work on myself before God put my husband in front of me.

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