Rhonda & Russell

Rhonda & Russell

January 2024

Once upon a time there was Russell and Rhonda, two star-crossed lovers who were fated to meet through Christian Connection. That fateful day in December 2021, Russell sent the first electronic wave and Rhonda waved back.

Then it started long deep daily messages between Rhonda and Russell. Despite the possibilities of modern technology, something about the old-fashioned way of communicating appealed to them, so in January 2022 they decided to start phone conversations that quickly turned into long-lasting conversations about everything and anything. Every night, they'd talk for hours - and it felt like the time was just flying by.

Three weeks later, the two found themselves on a picnic - the first of many dates - at O'Reilly's Winery. Despite the unknown and the fear of not knowing what was to come of this connection, the two took a leap of faith and embarked on a momentous journey together. As the days and weeks went on, they were drawn closer together and in February 2022, the two became a couple from that day forward.

Everything seemed to align quite perfectly when they met. They both shared the same values and beliefs and knew that putting God (Yahweh) first, was the key to a lasting, meaningful relationship.

Some people searching for a Christian partner will settle for a church-goer, but they wanted more than that they wanted a committed Christian. They searched for someone whose faith was so strong and profound, and that person was each other.

Russell, in May 2023, literally bowed on one knee - "I asked for Rhonda‘s hand in marriage; she goes 'ohhh, yeah!'" From then on, these two hopeless romantics have sworn to love and respect one another until the end of time. They were married November 2023. So there you have it folks, true love.

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