Jonathan  & Vicky

Jonathan & Vicky

I had been on and off CC for years and had some dates along the way. One Saturday in August 2019 I thought I’d give it another go. The next day I spotted Jonathan’s profile so waved. Soon after Jonathan waved back, so I thought I’d send a message to Jonathan and he waved back again! I thought waving isn’t going to get us anywhere and continued on with my day - if he was interested he’d write back!

Meanwhile, I was in the process of returning back to my original church after stepping away to heal from a divorce and was attending another church in the meantime. Sunday night came and I text a friend to save me a seat at church as it was in a cafe style layout. I walk to the seat in church to turn around and see Jonathan sitting right opposite me! An awkward hour and half passed and I totally ignored him as not only did he not respond to message but now he is stalking me - or so I thought......

Later that evening I sent another message to him through CC and asked how did he know I went to that church? He responded immediately saying he had no idea and that he had spoken to his parents in the morning about finding a lively church locally and they had recommended this one! They were actually members of the other church I had gone to in the interim and some of my new friends were in fact his cousins!
After lots of messages back and forth we met a week after for a walk and chat, which led onto many dates. Jonathan asked me to be his girlfriend late September 2019 and a year later on the same day asked me to be his wife!
We were due to marry in February 2021 but due to lockdown is now a few months later (hopefully!).

Thank you to CC for the platform to meet others who share the same beliefs and values. To anyone looking and questioning it all, perseverance is key! When I was ready Jonathan wasn’t and vice versa, keep trusting Gods timing - IT IS always perfect! Also accepting that people have pasts but that doesn’t define them as people in fact it builds character. Love Never Fails xx

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