Amanda & Stephen

Amanda & Stephen

Being in my 40s, I had been walking the single journey for over 20 years & I was completely against internet dating. I really didn't think I'd meet anyone. I'd done it before on other sites & had no luck so didn't really think it would be different with CC. But a close friend kept telling me to give it a go, so almost in an effort to stop 'the hassling' I signed up. I signed up for 3 months & didn't have much luck at all to be honest... but when the end of the 3 months came I had this overwhelming sense that I needed to sign up again. It was towards the end of the year & one of my friends suggested that I never knew what would happen in the New Year & so signing up again wasn't such a bad idea.... so I did... for another 3 months.... Again, I had no luck & by the end of January I decided to give up & just ride my subscription out. I decided I wasn't going to actively 'wave' at anyone but would respond if someone waved at me... the night I made that decision Steve sent me a wave... I waved back, we got chatting and thus began our love story.

We connected straight away and soon moved from to chatting over CC to Whatsapp... 2 weeks later we had our first date & just over 9 months after that he proposed. Steve brought with him 4 children from his previous marriage so we became an instant family. I moved from being a single woman with a cat to a married woman with a husband and 4 kids.

My advice to anyone out there is that you need to put yourself out there & God can use any platform to bring the right man into your life. Hang in there if you're not having any success & make sure you read their profiles rather than just checking out their photos... Saying 'Hi' or going out for a coffee doesn't mean you are saying 'I do' - oh.... & they are just as nervous & feeling just as vulnerable as you are ;o)

Many thanks
Steve & Amanda

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