Chris  & Sarah

Chris & Sarah

We were both giving up hope on a relationship if we're honest, but Chris thought he would continue trying. He messaged me and our relationship developed from there. Chris was a gentleman and we messaged via Christian Connection, then texted, then we plucked up the courage to chat, then arranged to meet two months later. This process made us feel more comfortable and confident when we met. We then went on a few dates, and knew we wanted to continue. We have both had personal experience of illness, with God and his power of healing, which also deepened our connection with each other.
My main tip would be to take your time. We took a while to meet but it meant time to get to know each other. With my anxiety I tend to focus and get lost in my anxiety spiral rather than being in the moment. While I was still anxious on the first date when we met, I knew I could carry on the conversation we had on the phone. Also focusing on it being a friendship rather than a date took off the added pressures and expectations of dating.
Also, remember you are beautiful, loved and worthy and God knows and has your future in his hands.

We can't thank Christian Connection enough. We have a date now for 2020 to be married.

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