Emma-Jayne & Kevin

In June Kevin decided to send a wave to Emma-Jayne after seeing her forum post on the Out and About board about Greenbelt. She responded, and a few emails were exchanged over the next 2months.

Indeed we did meet at Greenbelt, with no real expectations apart from meeting for a beer and maybe sharing a meal if we got on. However in the quagmire of Greenbelt, and helped by Crazy Goat Cider and Goan Fish Curry we realized that the friendship we had developed on-line had potential to turn into something really special.

On holiday in Cornwall in March this year, Kevin took Emma-Jayne to Lanhydrock and, sitting on a picnic bench, proposed. Then, in the beautiful setting of Bath Abbey we became husband and wife.

We'd like to send our heartfelt thanks to Christian Connection, and to whomever started the forum stream planning a meet-up at Greenbelt, especially because owing to the 153mile distance between us we wouldn't have appeared on each others radar.

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