Paul & Ruth

After exchanging a few emails, Paul and I first met in March 2011 on one of Ruth742’s legendary walks (organised for ‘Northern’ CC members). This was a brilliant way to meet up in a non-threatening environment – so thanks, Ruth, for that. Paul has since told me that he will have an enduring memory of stepping out of his car to be greeted by a crowd of females who all appeared to know who he was, and a chorus of ‘hello Paul’, as they’d all seen his profile on CC beforehand!

We got on really well, and met up several more times, just as friends. As time went on, we became closer and got engaged at the end of January.

I will soon be moving to Birmingham, and moving away from my house, job and friends. But God has given me an amazing sense of peace about all of this, and I already feel welcomed by Paul’s family and friends.

We cannot thank Christian Connection enough for bringing us together. Our advice to other members is not to rule out any possibilities at first sight, as it’s only when you begin to email and find out about someone, then meet up and really get to know them, that you’ll know whether they are ‘the one’.

And, of course, God is at the centre of all this, working out His plan for our lives – He sometimes just uses CC to be His ‘hands on earth’!

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