Mich & Richard

I have some good news for all on CC. Richard108 has asked me to marry him, and I've said yes.

YES!!! (punches the air)...CC can work but, in order to walk on water, you have to trust the Lord and, get out of the boat.

Richard lives in the UK, and I live in Cork, Ireland. Neither of us could see how it could work but, we trusted in God to iron out all the wrinkles if He wanted us to be together, and He has.

He has provided me with new friends in Britain, some from CC, so I won't be too isolated or lonely.
He has arranged for me to 'speak' at various venues in Britain over the next few months, so I have to be over there.
And He has provided two churches to support us.


Of course, if we had said "I won't date outside a certain catchment area or, anyone divorced or, only from the same denomination, then we'd never have even met! We only met up for a friendly coffee and it all escalated from there.

My advice would be for each of us to look at our 'patterns' for what we want in a partner and see if we are limiting ourselves or God.

S/he may not be the 'ideal' height (Richard is) or the right weight (I'm not) or live just around the corner (neither of us do) but, pray and ask God what He wants for your lives, He will help you to overcome all obstacles if He wants you to be together.

He has for us...now we're just left with the fun things to do...like arrange a wedding and a blessing ceremony, one in Cork and the other in Britain...alleluia...thank you Lord!

Isn't the Christian life an adventure...!!!

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