Lee and Jackie

UPDATE: Hello from an old married couple of 20 days! We had the most fabulous wedding day. It was great to have time to celebrate with God and family and friends.

The whole of getting to know each other has been a happy time, and our wedding day was so full of joy. We are so grateful to God for bringing us together. Thanks to Christian Connection too for the part you played. We wouldn’t be without each other for the world.

We started emailing through your site in November, and met up in January.

I (Jackie) had met all kinds of people through the site, over almost a year, none of whom I really hit it off with, and was about ready to give up. Lee had emailed a few people but had been on the site almost a year but had never really come across anyone he felt worth meeting.

So, encourage all those people still on your books, because we are so grateful that we did meet through you in the end!

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