Kevin & Melissa

Kevin & Melissa

Kevin and I started talking earlier in the year. I heard about Christian Connection from a friend some years before who had met and married a Christian after meeting via the site.

Two years ago I dipped my toe in the water and quickly retreated, it turns out Kevin did just that too. I read people’s profiles but knew I wasn’t ready to date.

In April that all changed. I saw Kevin’s face and just felt the warmth of his smile. Kevin’s friend was having to do a little more work to encourage him back into the dating pool, writing his profile (which he admitted to in the profile!). We chatted for a couple of weeks and in one single message I felt the connection that I was searching for. Whilst I took another step back for a few weeks, the seed was set and I couldn’t shake it !

We met for the first time for a coffee, two days later we met up for a walk and planned our first day out. Six months later we returned to the spot and Kevin proposed.

On Christmas Eve we married, three weeks after we took ownership of a house together. Although it all seems so fast on paper, it genuinely feels like we have been destined for each other and together for so much longer.

Kevin and I weren’t backward at coming forward about being honest. Talking openly about what we saw to be essential components of a successful relationship. Our faith was very much at the centre. We feel completely safe and happy, we have both been through very long term relationships and know the importantance of our families and friends as part of our present and our future. Fortunately they are also thrilled ! That’s our advice, don’t compromise on the important things you are seeking (and for some guys, please update your photos - we aren’t shallow but photos do matter !)

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