Liz  & Matt

Liz & Matt

We want to thank you so much for being the tool that God used to bring us together!!
I waved at Matt on 4th Jan, something like 5 days after I signed up to the website. He replied back and we began messaging. Two weeks of constant contact, speaking on the phone. Matt, despite being 3 hours away from Swansea where I lived, travelled down from Milton Keynes the following weekend for us to meet for the first time!!!
Neither of us had ever done any online dating before and I was sceptical of the whole thing, as it was out of my comfort zone, but it couldn't have gone better.

We began our long distant relationship officially on Feb 2nd and God was in it from the very beginning. Speaking though our daily devotions we did together, church people who didn't know my situation were receiving verses from God and words about relationships... It was insane how much we felt God had almost been our very own Cupid!
Matt moved down beginning of June, left his church, job and home and started his new life.
We got engaged January and got married last week!! Matt moved in on the weekend and we are living life as husband and wife.

Our lives have been changed and blessed by God massively and he has used you guys to be part of our story!! I didn't have much faith in Internet dating and thought it seemed a little strange but turns out to be the best thing we ever did...Never underestimate a wave!!!!

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