Caroline and Richard & Jacqueline and Michael

Caroline and Richard & Jacqueline and Michael

December 2021

Dear Christian Connection,

We are writing to share a good news story with you, concerning your website.

In 2014, Caroline and Richard met on Christian Connection. Caroline’s membership had lapsed, so when Richard messaged her, Caroline had to renew her subscription. Caroline feels it was the best £30 she has ever spent! After exchanging messages for a few weeks, the two of them met, and it was not long before they were dating. They became engaged in South Africa the following November, and were married in Norfolk in August 2016. Jacqueline, Caroline’s sister, was a bridesmaid.

Fast forward to 2020, Jacqueline, having spent many years looking on your website, met Michael (who was at the time enjoying a free trial). In a similar way, Michael messaged after Jacqueline’s membership had lapsed so, like her sister, Jacqueline also had to pay to renew her membership. She, also, resents not a penny of the fee. After talking on your website, they began dating, became engaged on Easter Day 2021, and were married in the August. Michael thinks it was the best free trial he has ever signed up to!

We wonder whether the story of two sisters each finding their husbands on your website would be of interest to you. All four of us are very glad to have been part of Christian Connection, and we pray that many more would find their future spouses on your platform.

Yours faithfully,
Richard and Caroline
Michael and Jacqueline

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